Clean and Green – Eco-friendly cleaning products for your business

Cleaning supplies can be a big expense for your business, but do you ever think about the additional costs the products you choose incur on your health and the environment? This article will discuss cleaning products that preserve your health, wallet,  the environment and still maintain the  cleanliness standards we are accustomed to.

There are several keywords to look for when considering the “greenness” of a cleaning product: bio-degradable, non-toxic, plant-based, chlorine-free, phosphate-free. (Keywords like “green”  and “natural” aren’t necessarily the best indicators, as those terms are not regulated.) These products do less harm by not adding harmful chemicals to the environment or indoor air, which the EPA has found is often worse than outdoor pollution when using conventional chemical cleaners.

There are many products that are priced comparably to other brands of cleaners including Ecover, Seventh Generation, Clorox Green Works. Brands like Simple Green are especially cost-effective as it comes in a concentrated form and are geared toward industrial uses.

To save even more money, consider making your own cleaning products from basic household items like vinegar and baking soda. Find some recipes here.

For even more information check out these sites:

Wikipedia’s page on green cleaning and…

Planet Green’s article jam-packed with information on more products, statistics and more…

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