FORUM: Cardboard Recycling

WELCOME TO THE FORUM on Cardboard Recycling!
This year, the new Trail Towns Outreach Corps would like to expand the function of this blog by hosting forums in addition to posts about current news and sustainable suggestions.
Though all posts merit your feedback, the forum will identify a very specific question or topic to encourage active dialogue between SBN members.
TTOC will pick forum topics based on previous member comments AND/OR general articles that have particular relevance for the SBN along the Great Allegheny Passage.
To start off our very first blog forum, we’d like to highlight a post by an SBN member in Confluence who writes:
“Any ideas on what to do with cardboard when no recycling is easily available in our area?”

We’d like to follow up with these questions:
1.  Has your business tried to coordinate some sort of recycling system when a municipal or commercial pick-up structure is not already in place?  Who did you talk to?  Are there any restrictions?
2.  Can you think of any alternative ways to handle your recycling?  For example, you might partner with a business that needs cardboard for packaging.
3.  What other strategies do you use to reduce the amount of cardboard you generate/throw away?
4.  Would you be willing to pool your cardboard waste with that of other businesses in your area in order to afford a monthly bulk recycling pick-up?
Please do not hesitate to respond, so the discussion can begin!  Include your business-type and location with your initial comment.

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