Money *Might* Grow on Trees

Attract More Business With Some Natural Landscaping

With the tangible advance of spring, the ground begins to thaw and gardeners young and old are digging around in the dirt, anxious to begin the growing season.  Business owners may want to engage their inner-gardeners as well, because studies repeatedly show that tree-lined, flower-studded sidewalks and storefronts attract more customers and keep them around longer.

If a vacant lot borders your property, you might also consider sprucing it up with simple raised flower beds, perennial wildflower seeds, a hedge row, a small tree and a simple wooden bench, or a couple large planters.

Explore the following resources to determine which trees, flowers, and shrubs are appropriate for your store.

Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest. Discussion of native trees and care in an urban setting.

Yellow Pages Site of Nurseries in Connellsville. List of nurseries of where to purchase or call for advice.  Change the search location as needed.

PA Trees. How to choose the right tree.

Sustainable and Urban Gardening. All-Native Lawnless Gardens for Pennsylvania.

Please feel free to share similar resources as well as good nurseries in your area.

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