The Art of Ambience

When it comes to “being sustainable,” it doesn’t hurt to think creatively about your business mission.  Or about your business ambience!

How exactly can your business spruce up its interior and/or exterior in an environmentally-friendly way? 


Renewal through Reuse and Restoration

Everyone has ’em:  those half-empty, dust-collecting cans of paint lurking in your basement might be just the ticket to spruce up your storefront, fence posts or benches on your property, or borders and trim inside your store.  Re-use trumps “responsible disposal,” and you can’t beat the price of FREE.

Or, look into a VOC-free paint supplier like Green Planet Paints, a company producing non-petroleum based paint free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 

Visiting sites like, and seasonal flee markets and garage sales, increases your chances of finding furniture and fixtures at a cheap price.  With a bit of care, antique infrastructure adds character to your business ambience and proves functional at the same time!

Old cloth and sheets may prove useful as drapes and wall coverings, improving insulation, blocking out blinding sun, and offering a more comfortable feel to shops and restaurants.

Local Artists

Community murals flanking businesses and vacant lots in the Trail Towns add color and character to an otherwise unnoticed spot; they evoke town pride and vision.  Artist Carolyn Quinn worked in Meyersdale to create an extensive mural depicting Meyersdale heritage.  Consider approaching a local artist to design a collage for your community.  Public art often draws the attention of passersby, which could mean improved sales for your business!

In addition, local artwork doesn’t travel hundreds of miles to keep your business furnished and festive.  Turning bare walls into a mini-gallery supports the arts in your community and usually involves a partnership free of price tags.  A neighborhood coffee shop in Pittsburgh called “Make Your Mark” highlights local artists on its walls and in a gallery above the dining space, as well as offering the occasional art class and live musical concert.

 Check out this blog about sustainable interior design to read more ideas.  Maximize your business flair… you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to creative re-use and local design!


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