A “Pocket”-Friendly Green Wall

As “going green” becomes a more common and popular option in response to today’s increasingly industrial global economy, smaller and smaller businesses are catching onto the trend and responding accordingly. From doing small things like using CFLs and buying local produce to installing radiant floor heat and re-insulating walls, small businesses everywhere (including our trail-blazers along the Great Allegheny Passage!) are aligning their actions with the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Surviving as a small business in a world dominated by international corporations and multimillion dollar industries is often not an easy task, and those who can stay afloat, let alone taking the steps to become green and sustainable, are the few and lucky. Which is why projects like green walls, that increase a building’s insulating ability and create a comfortable, healthy atmosphere but can be quite expensive, are rarely undertaken by small businesses. Products like the Woolly Pocket (http://www.woollypocket.com/) provide a comparably cheap option for small businesses or individuals to create their own living green wall indoors or out. Wall pockets are easy to install, not too harsh on the wallet, and can be used as a primarily aesthetic appeal or to grow herbs for culinary use.

Increasingly cheap green options are always becoming available, and being that small business taking the time to get ahead of the curve absolutely will pay off in the long run as sustainability moves from its loose association with the current “green” buzz to being celebrated and even expected. Stay tuned as the GAP SBN keeps you updated on the latest and greatest sustainable options for small businesses along the Great Allegheny Passage!


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