Take advantage of the 2010 Small Business Advantage Grant Program

If you lose sleep at night over how to purchase energy-efficient and/or pollution prevention equipment for your business, fret no more!  The PA Department of Environmental Protection understands the burdensome costs associated with greening a business and allocates annual funding to benefit the small-business owner.

The funding cycle for this particular grant, the 2010 Small Business Advantage Grant, ends November 5th – so it’s not too late to apply, but time is limited for such lucrative awards.

According to the application information page:

“The Pennsylvania Small Business Advantage grant program provides 50 percent reimbursement matching grants, up to a maximum of $7,500, to enable Pennsylvania small businesses to adopt or acquire equipment or processes that promote energy efficiency or pollution prevention. Well-designed energy efficiency or pollution prevention projects can help small businesses cut operating costs and increase their competitiveness, while simultaneously protecting the environment.”

We especially like this grant because a business applying must register with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager to qualify.

Brief Note about the Energy Star Portfolio Manager:

If you haven’t taken a look at the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool yet, please spend 15 minutes investigating the Energy Star website.  The Portfolio Manager tracks the energy and water usage of your building(s) so that you can directly monitor your cost savings as you reduce energy and water use over time.

The other qualifying requirement to apply for the grant is proof of a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vendor Registration.

Click here to apply for the program and/or learn more.

Please also contact the Trail Town Outreach Corps if you seek application assistance and/or intend to plan a grant application for next year.


Eligible Projects:

Energy Efficiency Pollution Prevention
Motor Controller Upgrades
Process Fluid Recycling/Reuse Systems
Water Conservation
Alternate Fuels or Heat Exchanger/Recirculating Systems
Recuperative & Regenerative Burners
Solvent Recovery Systems
Compressed Air System Upgrades
HVLP Spray Guns
Process Material Substitution
High Efficiency Lighting Systems
Paint Spray Booths
Dry-Cleaning Equipment Upgrades
Building Insulation or Air Sealing
Non-Solvent Parts Cleaning Systems
Dental Digital Radiography
Process Chiller/Boiler System
Closed Loop Vapor Degreasers
Truck-Auxiliary Power Units
General Process Upgrades

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One response to “Take advantage of the 2010 Small Business Advantage Grant Program

  1. I am going to create my own project since you don’t see any reliable jobs available to choose from.

    Could anyone provide any ideas or web pages about how to apply for government grant money to start my own business? I have been previously looking over the internet but just about every site demands for money and I have been previously told by the unemployment office to stay away from the sites that ask for money for grant related information because they’re scammers. I would be really thankful for any support.

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