Sustainable Business PODCAST

Like the average individual, your busy day does not always include catching up on the news.  This is especially true if thumbing through the paper, clicking a mouse, or holding a magazine ties up your hands from other tasks like stocking shelves or doing paperwork. posts a Podcast every Friday morning called “Green Week in Review” that highlights green business headlines from the week in a short and sweet 15-minute segment.  They do all the story-sifting for you and feature events and updates pertinent to your commitment to providing sustainable, quality service as a green business owner.

Today’s episode considers the following:

  • G20 Re-Affirms Pledge to Cut Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  • Green Building Market Grows 50% in Two Years
  • LEED Projects Surpass One Billion Square Feet
  • NRDC Founding Director Awarded Medal of Freedom

Tune in to fill dead air with engaging, informative internet broadcasting!  Turn banal moments into Fireside chats in this new Golden Age of Radio where podcasts are the new pink (radio show).  We hope you will listen and post feedback on the SBN blog to jump start intramember discussion.

Please also share other related podcast links that you already enjoy.

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