SB20 – The World’s Top Most Sustainable Business Stocks

Each year, Progressive Investor ranks the top 20 most sustainable businesses on the stock market.  Businesses chosen vary in size, location, and industry, though all are contributing to an environmentally-productive economy, according to an expert panel of environmental analysts.

Companies that perform a head above their counterparts in the following two categories qualify for the SB20:

Sustainability Criteria – Businesses have innovative performance models and/or are creating cutting edge green technologies.

Financial Criteria – Preferably profitable companies with strong management and balance sheets.  Each company would enhance a portfolio even if it is not in a buying position today.

View the SB20 from the past three years.

Progressive Investor also publishes ten issues a year highlighting these businesses in depth, as well as information on the following topics:

– News Highlights related to renewable energy, green building, private equity and our other
investment sectors
– Upcoming or recent IPOs, new mutual funds, ETFs
– Upcoming Investor Conferences
– Trends affecting green investing, such as China and green technology
– Stock Market Commentary as it relates to green investing
– Updates on stocks we cover
– Green company stock profiles
– Analyst Conversations on their outlook for the stock market or stock recommendations on
specific segments such as green building, thin film solar, batteries, investing in forests, etc.
– Comprehensive list of the most important green stocks with buy/hold/sell ratings & brief

Click here for subscription information.

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