Recruiting for the Sustainable Business Network 2011

The Sustainable Business Network experienced significant growth this year, successfully assessing its 17 members, many of them already taking great strides in the area of environmental business practice.

2010 Members

In 2011, the Trail Town Outreach Corps will broadcast a new webpage for the Network in association with the updated Trail Town Program website, complete with an events calendar, an interactive blog space, and sustainability statements of all members involved.

Taking this step readies the Network for further involvement with current members and invitations to new member businesses.

Do you have partnerships with businesses along the trail who might be interested in joining the Sustainable Business Network?  Do you know of local businesses along the trail interested in becoming more sustainable, or already practicing environmentally-friendly actions?

Please contact the Trail Town Outreach Corps to refer potential member businesses in your towns. And meanwhile, please spread the word about this membership opportunity.  TTOC can be reached by office phone at 724-603-3151, or you may email project leader Elisa Mayes at

Just as a refresher, here are some talking points that highlight SBN involvement:

1.      Apply to become a member by filling out the Application and Pre-requisite forms, thereby agreeing to a commitment to pursue ecologically conscious and socially responsible practices.

2.      Schedule a free sustainability assessment with the Trail Town Outreach Corps to take place within 3 months of joining the network. At this assessment we will help you discover ways to save money. Together we will complete a checklist to determine what practices are in place and which may be implemented.

3.      Allocates at least $50 for sustainable improvements and provides receipts to the Outreach Corps. At this point you are eligible for inclusion in collective marketing to trail users.

4. Members can access the interactive blog to post comments, questions, and provide feedback on sustainable practices and information about the green market and initiatives in their towns.

5.      Members are recognized and celebrated at an annual SBN summit, which additionally provides an opportunity to network with other members and establish business partnerships in person.

6.      Members receive an SBN window decal and certificate for display in their business, to educate patrons about their sustainable practices and encourage patronage based on environmentally-friendly business investments.

Thank you for representing the Network, TTOC greatly appreciates your contributions and involvement!


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