Rails-to-Trails Conservancy End of Year Challenge

Due to a proposed cut in government funding for trail projects across the United States,* the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is rallying support to encourage government to continue to allocate Highway Trust Fund dollars to transportation projects other than highways.

“In a recent issue of AAA World magazine, Don Gagnon, president and CEO of AAA Mid-Atlantic, argued to restrict the federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) to just highways. That argument may sound reasonable on its face given the fund’s name, but such a change would eliminate popular and effective programs that have been the lifeblood of our movement for two decades, helping to create more than 19,000 miles of rail-trails and many other bicycle and walking facilities around the country.”*

TTOC attended the 20th American Trails National Trails Symposium in November, where government representatives discussed the implications.  Some explained that the name “Highway Transportation Fund” is a misnomer, because since 1991, “… Congress has clearly stated that federal gas tax revenues be used for all aspects of a surface transportation system, including bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.”*

Consider what your town would be like without its bike trail.  How would your business change? What other economic and recreational assets would you rely on to attract customers and provide an active resource for your community?

Losing a bike trail, or halting the growth of more trails, would devastate regions all across the county; that’s why Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is asking for support to continue its campaign against AAA’s outdated stance on transportation projects.

Click here to donate to the End of Year Challenge, to match a $25,000 fund from the RTC Board of Directors, raising a total of $50,000, for the upcoming battle.

Consider it a holiday gift for friends and family who walk and bike every day, every week, every month, every year.

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One response to “Rails-to-Trails Conservancy End of Year Challenge

  1. trailsnet

    Thanks for taking this on. We all need to band together to support trails in general and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy specifically. We can’t let the recent progress lose its momentum.
    By the way, I recently rode the incredible GAP trail along w/ the C & O, Western Maryland Rail Trail, and Mount Vernon Trail. It was an incredible week of eastern trails. It was fun to ride the trails and to review them on the trailsnet blog and website. You’ve got an American classic right in your back yard.

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