New York Times Recognizes How Sustainability Can Save Businesses $$

In a New York Times article entitled “How to Make Your Business Greener (and Save Money)” published on February 2, businesses discuss techniques they’ve tried to reduce energy and waste, and therefore to save money. 

Besides the general advice to replace older equipment, turn off lights, educate employees about sustainable behavior, and inventory the most expensive purchases for the company in an effort to identify cost-cutting options, the article mentions the following tidbits:

– “An inexpensive software program puts [Community IT Innovators]’s computers in sleep mode when not in use, reducing their energy consumption by about 50 percent.”

Share cost savings with staff to keep employees motivated and to prove the company is making a long-term commitment to sustainability.

Don’t outright sell your business as “green,” but honestly outline to customers the steps you take to be sustainable.  Joe Santana, the owner of a tortilla company named Mi Rancho, who estimates his business will save $100,000/year via energy efficiency and waste-reduction practices, says:

“I don’t want to say, ‘We are a green company.’ I think we have taken steps in that direction but we are not there yet.” But he has discovered, “when you start looking at your operations through the sustainability lens, you are able to see opportunities to reduce costs that you may have missed before. And isn’t continuous improvement the most important part of any business?”

Santana attributes his desire to change to workshops on sustainable business practices.  What workshops would be most helpful for your business?

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