How to…….Compost

How to…….Compost

As a business (whether retail, restaurant, or lodging, etc) you may think that the only way to dispose of  your waste is through trash collection and recycling.  Start today and look around your business (personal home too) and you may find something you never thought compostable before.

First off – where to compost? As a business owner (or owners if you can get neighboring businesses from Main Street on board) you may choose to invest in a compost bin or tumbler.  These usually cost from $80-$200 depending on material and size.  But for a less expensive and more natural approach you can compost on the land.  Composting can start as a simple pile of biodegradable matter in the corner of your yard or lot.  Fallen tree branches or even leftover bricks or cinder blocks can be used to contain your compost pile.  Another option is to distribute your compost into the soil of established gardens. 

What to add to your compost?

                Some of the more common items usually added include: eggshells, grass clippings, coffee grinds, flowers, fruit peels, and leaves.  (Fall is just right around the corner.)

But here’s a list of things you might find around your business that you may want to add to your compost pile or bin:

  • Used paper napkins
  • Tea bags
  • Stale pretzels
  • Pizza Crusts
  • Paper towel/toilette paper rolls
  • Dryer lint
  • Shredded Newspaper
  • Used Matches
  • Jack O Lanterns (Halloween is approaching)
  • Dog/Cat fur
  • Sticky notes

For even more suggestions check out: and

To learn more check out these links:


Composting can ultimately benefit your business, your community, and the environment.  Start composting today and see how much less trash goes to the local dump. 


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