Improving Your Paper

Improving Your Paper
It’s pretty well known that we use paper on an everyday basis. From work to school to home, it is used everywhere and quite frequently. It’s time to think about how we can improve our use of paper.
Let’s start with printing paper. Depending on your type of business or organization, use of the printer can vary each day. A simple change can come from looking at the description on the ream of paper before purchasing. Many paper suppliers are now selling at least 30% recycled paper but to go for that extra step in greening your business, and try for 100% recycled paper. If you buy in bulk or work out co-operative buying with other businesses, check with your paper company to change your order to a better, more sustainable choice in paper.
Now that you have a better paper product, it’s time to make the change to improve your printing process, and it will only take a few seconds. Correct your printing preferences and properties to “draft,” “grayscale,” and “double-sided.” You are not only saving money in reducing the amount of paper you use, but as well asalso prolonging the life of your ink supply.
Now that you’ve printed, is there room leftover on your paper? Perhaps there’s enough room to take a few notes, write down a telephone number from a customer, or jot down today’s errands. We’re still not done! Once you have finished with those notes on your 100% recycled printing paper, it’s time to recycle it again. Check out for the closest paper recycling pickup or center near you.
What other kind of paper do you use on a daily basis? Even “green” toilet paper is now available. Just like printing paper, toilet paper is made with recycled products. Toilet paper is not just paper – there’s also the cardboard roll. We recommend saving the cardboard tube and reusing it for possible craft projects or recycling it. Also, a more recent development in toilet paper has been released – tubeless rolls. Released just last year, it’s the newest thing in toilet paper for decades.
This everyday necessity is getting a little bit greener. For more ideas check out the following link:
Another everyday paper is the newspaper. The newspaper is useful to hear what’s happening in and around town, but it can be useful to reuse it as well. Newspapers are unique way to dress a gift package. They can dress up a bag or a box with colorful photographs, comics, and headlines. Newspapers are also often used in gardening to control weeds. While going through your cleaning supplies consider using newspapers for cleaning dirty windows. Also, you can place newspapers down with your grass clippings and other mulching to deter weeds from growing. This also composts the paper into the soil. And once again newspapers can be added to the recycling pickup or center to continue the reuse of paper products.
These are just a few simple ideas to save money as well as trees while improveing the health of your business and the community.


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