Support Your Business with a Sustainable Garden

Are you looking to cut costs and make your business more self-sustainable? For any business in the service industry, growing your own produce and herbs can make both a significant cut in your expenditures, and make available the freshest possible produce for your patrons.

Where should you turn to learn organic gardening techniques for your business? One adventurous and hands-on opportunity is to participate in WWOOF, which stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.”

WWOOF is an international network that links volunteers with organic farmers, helping people share more sustainable ways of living.

In England in 1971, London secretary Sue Coppard recognized a need to provide access to the countryside for people who did not have the means or opportunity, but were interested in the organic movement. WWOOF was the result of Coppard’s idea.

The fundamental concept of WWOOF is this; in return for volunteer help, WWOOF farm hosts offer:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • The opportunity to learn about organic lifestyles to “WWOOFers”

  • The international WWOOF network is comprised of individual national WWOOF organizations. In order to go on a WWOOF trip, a person needs to join a specific country’s organization, which usually includes paying a small fee. This fee helps to maintain and develop the WWOOF network. After membership to a specific WWOOF organization is established, a potential WWOOFer has access to a published list of organic farms that welcome volunteer help. A WWOOFer can choose a host from the list that they would like to stay with and volunteer for. It is up to the volunteer to then contact the host directly to arrange a stay.
    Typically, a WWOOF arrangement is structured as free lodging and food in exchange for 4 hours of work per day. A WWOOF vacation can range anywhere from a weekend to an entire season, it is up to the volunteer.

    There are many advantages to travelling as a WWOOFer. First of all, the program is extremely cost-effective. Since lodging and food are free, WWOOFing makes travelling the world affordable! Additionally, travel opportunities are virtually limitless. There are WWOOF member host-farms all across the globe, enabling WWOOFers to experience a myriad of international destinations. Finally, WWOOFers learn invaluable organic farming techniques that can inform a lifetime of organic gardening.

    Through WWOOF, you can combine an impactful travel experience with learning valuable tools to make your business more sustainable. Maintaining an organic garden is a great way to cut costs, and provide guests with fresh produce from the garden while reducing packaging and shipping. Going on a WWOOF trip is a fun, hands-on way for you to develop the tools to maintain a sustainable organic garden at your business.

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