Why join?

Resilient economies are about profit as well as stewardship of resources and communities that sustain them.

Southwestern PA and Western MD are rebuilding their economies based on conservation of natural resources and green industry. The momentum for this shift is strong, both regionally and nationally. Businesses in the Trail Towns deserve to be a part of this new movement.

The Great Allegheny Passage Sustainable Business Network offers businesses:

  • Marketing and branding of green businesses along the Great Allegheny Passage
  • Current information about best practices and emerging principles and concepts
  • Events for networking and information-sharing
  • On-line forums for discussion and exchange of ideas
  • Practical alternative solutions to challenges
  • Group buying potential for procurement of green supplies for running your business at a lower cost
  • Technical support and advice for transitioning to green practices
  • Education for consumers on the benefits of supporting sustainable businesses
  • Regional cooperation through cross-promotion and purchasing between businesses
  • Green-collar workforce development

What are the benefits of running a sustainable business/joining the network?

  • Increase profitability by reaching out to emerging markets
  • Reduce operating costs by adopting sustainable and energy efficient strategies
  • Strengthen your local economy – through collaboration and cooperation more money stays in the local economy, going directly to local businesses and communities
  • Participate in establishing a Green Corridor along the Great Allegheny Passage as eco-tourism becomes an increasingly popular choice for travelers
  • Express your values through your business – business models rooted in social and environmental responsibility have launched many successful local and national businesses, and reinvigorated existing ones
  • Preserve local character and community by offering an authentic and unique experience for residents and visitors alike
  • Create a distinctive business in your community by providing a valuable service that also considers its overall impact on society and the environment
  • Be a leader in the new sustainable local economy


E-mail Stephanie Campbell with the Trail Town Outreach Corps at stephanieTTOC@thesca.org for more information.

One response to “Why join?

  1. Mariah;
    Please send me a new application – I don’t know what happened to the one you dropped off in Ohiopyle?
    Vicki Marietta
    Backyard Gardens LLC
    650 Ohiopyle-Farmington Road
    Ohiopyle, PA 15470

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