Green on the GAP


A Who’s Who of Businesses that are GREEN ON THE GAP

The Savage River Lodge, Frostburg, MD

A bird's eye view of the interior of the impressively sustainable Savage River Lodge.

 The Savage River Lodge is truly an eco-tourists dream destination. With a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility and the initiatives to prove it. Some practices include: manufacturing their own bio-diesel, providing reusable napkins and hand towels, rain barrels to catch roof run-off to water plants, and growing their own kitchen herbs and buying local produce from Amish farmers.

Levi Deal Mansion, Meyersdale, PA

Nighttime view of this historic mansion.

 This gorgeous turn-of-the-century home was extensively renovated and turned into a homey bed and breakfast. The owners, F. Michael Dedolph and Jan Dofner, are looking to support sustainability and be a part of a business network that learns from one another.

Gram Gram’s Place, Meyersdale, PA

Meeting your lodging and bike rental needs!

A former Meyersdale residence fixed up to a quaint, homey bed and breakfast by reusing old wall panels, doors, and window screens for practical and decorative use. Owner Jackie Bowman also provides bike parts and rentals only 100 feet off the trail!

Rockwood Mill Shoppes, Rockwood, PA

A lumber and feed mill turned local shopping center.

A lumber and feed mill converted into a one-stop-shop for food and other goodies. The Shoppes are starting with some great smaller sustainable changes like using CFLs and watching their energy and water usage.

The Hostel on Main, Rockwood, PA

Conveniently-located housing for GAP bikers in Rockwood.

 A quaint hostel is a former store renovated to have new amentities but an old-timey feel. The owner, Judy Pletcher, hopes to share her experiences of becoming and maintaining a sustainable small business with others along the trail.

The Confluence Cyclery, Confluence, PA

Confluence Cyclery Storefront

Confluence Cyclery Storefront

 Brad and Maureen Smith, owners of the Confluence Cyclery, have a commitment to sustainable practices for their business. First and foremost, they rehabbed a historic building on the town green in Confluence. Their green adaptive re-use strategies— including radiant floor heat, high-efficiency argon-filled double-pane glass windows, on-demand hot water heater, waterless urinal and new insulation— will save them a considerable amount of money in heating costs. (Previous owners spent over $1,000 per month on heating.) Additionally, the building houses two other businesses, and will eventually include living space available for vacation rentals promoting downtown density and mixed-use. And of course, promoting cycling improves personal health and reduces harmful emissions from vehicles!

Hanna House Bed and Breakfast, Confluence, PA

A beautiful spring afternoon in front of Hanna House.

Built on a pre-Civil War farmstead, this beautiful little B&B is well-oriented to many frequented tourist destinations, including Falling Water. Frances Thompson, owner of Hanna House, wishes to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and is already doing so by composting all her waste, using a wood-burning stove to power the building, and sourcing fresh spring water directly from her property.

PgW Photography, Confluence, PA

One of the many beautiful scenes captured by Paul!

Paul g. Wiegman is a freelance writer, photographer, and naturalist who believes in personal sustainable living and brings that belief to all his work. A large portion of Wiegman’s work focuses on portraying the grand scope and subtle beauty of the Great Allegheny Passage.

Sister’s Cafe, Confluence, PA

Confluence Hardware, Confluence, PA


A great opportunity to buy local!

 La Boheme, Connellsville, PA


Stunning Eastern European glass available along the trail.






A sparkling view inside.

La Boheme, offering stunning Slovak and Czech glass, crystal, porcelain and jewelry, and the soon-to-be-opened Connellsville Bed and Breakfast are committed to reducing their carbon footprints by purchasing locally-grown food and renovating the building to be more energy efficient by purchasing environmentally sensitive insulation, energy efficient windows, toilets, faucets, appliances and boiler. They are also using local workmen to reduce the number of miles traveled to work and boost the local economy.

Connellsville Bed and Breakfast, Connellsville, PA




A beautiful bed and breakfast conveniently located directly next to the trail.


A cozy little place to stay in Connellsville.

“Connellsville Bed & Breakfast is committed to a greener environment. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating a high level of environmental management into our operations.”

Wilderness Voyageurs, Ohiopyle, PA


Servicing your need for adventure in Ohiopyle.


Wilderness Voyageurs is a jack of many trades as it caters to the needs of locals and tourists by offering many services including whitewater rafting, bike tours, lodging, and a restaurant. The owner, Eric Martin, wants to help the region achieve recognition for their committment to sustainable practices.

Backyard Gardens, Ohiopyle, PA


Fresh produce available in Ohiopyle State Park!



A peek inside at all the delicious items available.

Walking into the quaint shop in Ohiopyle tickles your senses with a whiff of famous sweet and hot pepper mustard and a touch of vintage charm. What started as a small-scale mustard-making operation in Vicki Marietta’s actual backyard and kitchen has become a local hit featuring not only the tasty mustard but a variety of food products and fresh produce all made or grown in Pennsylvania. A champion for local economies, Vicki works extensively with local vendors and producers to mutually benefit each others businesses. She even helped start a farmer’s market in Ohiopyle –the first ever in a PA State Park– featuring local artisans in addition to produce.

The Inn at Lenora’s, Perryopolis, PA

Come for a delicious, home-cooked meal and stay a while!

Halfway between West Newton and Connellsville, you will find this Victorian-style home turned into the elegant Inn it is today. Lenora is a business owner who believes in economically viable sustainable business and practices this by donating food scraps to local farms amongst other things.

The Trailside, West Newton, PA

An excellent stop for a hot meal and a cold brew.

Located adjacent to the Great Allegheny Passage, the Trailside is a welcoming restaurant and convenience store offering deli items, ice cream, coffee, sodas and a full-service menu. Co-owner John Markle has incorporated sustainable practices because they are practical and cost-effective. From heating system upgrades, to changes to the building envelope and the layout of the space to increase employee health and comfort in addition to improving airflow, John and co-owner Rod Darby are conscious of the triple bottom line. With concerns about water quality, they incorporated planters in their parking lot that collect rainwater and run-off instead of draining directly into the Youghiogheny River.

Rocky Gap Resort, Cumberland, MD

A view across the lake.

The Rocky Gap Resort is dedicated to environmentally responsible lodging and hospitality by enacting practices including waste recycling programs, energy conservation programs, reusing post-consumer products, and maintaining native plant landscaping.

Inspired? Become a member today! Contact for more information!

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  1. Linda Cronin

    Sure support your efforts – and will definitely use the blog as the first reference when planning our outings from West Virginia – thank you so much – a great resource!!
    Linda Cronin
    Buckhannon, WV

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