Creative Candle Holders

Looking to attract tourists to your business during the summer trail season?  Installing decorative lighting at your property is one way to make your business visually appealing to customers.  Instead of throwing old terra cotta pots in the trash, consider reusing them and giving them a second life!  Building simple light holders with terra cotta pots and votive candles is a great way to create a charming and pleasant environment through the reuse of materials. 

Former Natural Home & Garden art director Susan Wasinger came up with this simple project idea.  By giving pots a swipe of paint, pouring in a bit of sand, and adding a votive candle, you can transform your outdoor property into a candlelight nature escape.


  • To give off maximum light, apply a pale-colored low-VOC latex exterior grade paint to the inside surface of a small terra cotta planter
  • Use a gloss paint for maximum reflection, or a flat shade for a warmer, subtler glow
  • Use a brush, sponge, or cloth to paint the point interiors, stopping at the top edge
  • When dry, cover the bottom hole with tape or a pebble
  • Add a bit of sand into the planter, and finally place a votive candle!

These simple, pretty pot lights are a great idea to light a garden path, patio, or be used as a centerpiece for outdoor dining.  For businesses in the service industry, these lights are a great way to add rustic flavor to outdoor accommodations.

These candle holders are a great way to make use of any small, empty terra cotta pots lying around!

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